Bills & Payment

Understand the billing period

CovaU Mobile’s Billing Cycle

CovaU Mobile operates on monthly billing cycle. The bill will be issued on the 1st every month and payment will be processed on the 14th of the same month. However, if 14th falls on public holiday, the payment will be processed on next business day.

Prepaid or Postpaid?

CovaU Mobile is a postpaid mobile service provider and we bill any extra usages outside your plan on the next invoice.

CovaU Mobile billing has two components:

  • Monthly Plan Fee: This is the standard fee which you will be charged for your nominated plan (if you have asked for extra SIM cards, it will be included as part of the plan fee).

  • Excess Usage Charges: These are the additional charges incurred outside your monthly quota (non-plan usage); eg: excessive data. These will be charged next billing cycle.

Pro-rata Plan Fee and Usage

If you did not begin your service on the 1st of the month, the monthly plan fee and plan allowance will be calculated pro-rata.

Example: your service started on the 21st Nov and you are on a Basic 3 plan (monthly Data Allowance: 5GB + Included Value: $100)

Then, your Data Allowance between the periods from 21st to 30th Nov is 1.6GB, plus $33.33 Included Value. Your bill issued on 1st Dec will be as follows:

How to read your bills



Services & Charges

Monthly Plan – This includes the charges of your Plan Fee and the Additional SIMs (if any).

Non Plan Charges – All other usage excluding from the plan’s allowance. For example, if the plan’s Included Value used up, the charges of extra usage will be shown in this section.

Other Charges – Non usage charges, eg. admin charge, payment surcharge etc.

Manage your payment details

All new customers are required to set up Direct Debit on their account.

Once a Direct Debit is set up, your payment will be automatically deducted every month. This helps to ensure your account is paid by the due date so there's no disruption to your service.

You can manage your payment details using one of the following methods:

● Log in to My Account

● Send us an email at

● Call us at 1300 126 866 [8am to 8pm AEST]

Tips to avoid additional charges

  • Direct Debit from a bank account or a debit card

  • If you set up your Direct Debit by a credit card, a surcharge of 0.82% will be incurred and it will appear on your next invoice. Hence, we recommend using a bank account or debit card for your Direct Debit payment.

  • Ensure sufficient funds available before Direct Debit date

  • Direct Debit date is shown on your invoice, so you should make sure sufficient funds available to pay your bill by that date. Otherwise, a Dishonour Fee of $5.50 (incl. GST) will be charged for every rejected Direct Debit payment.

  • Keep your account details up-to-date

  • Please notify us as soon as possible if there are any changes on your payment details (eg. credit card expiry, change of bank account details ) and contact details (eg. email address)

  • Check your email on Invoice Issue date and Direct Debit date

  • CovaU Mobile will always keep in touch with you via your verified email. For example: we will notify you of a rejected Direct Debit. In this case, you should make other arrangements to pay your bill so as to avoid a late payment fee of $10 (no GST)*

  • *Direct Debit will be processed on the Payment Due date

  • Let us know if you experience financial hardship

  • If you experience difficulties financially and it may be tough to settle your mobile bills, please let us know and we can help. View our Financial Hardship Policy .